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Missings Are Now Equally Treated

MANET is for exploring data, whether raw data, transformed data or model residuals. MANET provides a range of graphical tools specially designed for studying multivariate features. Anyone involved in analysing data will find MANET useful for gaining insights into the structure and relationships of their data sets.


MANET has been developed for two reasons:

  • to implement interactive graphics tools for data sets with missing values;
  • to provide a platform for trying out new interactive ideas.

Download (for Mac OS X): MANET (1.7 MB)


The reason why we choose names of impressionistic painter for the software project is, that the impressionistic way of describing the world is very similar to the explorative way of analysing data. The graphics do not show a precise and detailed view to the scenery, but in being able to perceive the overall structure of an impressionistic picture, one is well able to describe what one sees, which should be true for the structure of a dataset as well.

See also the pages on Edouard Manet at WikiPedia.

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