stat 579

Homework #3

Due in class, Tuesday Sep 30.

  1. In class this week, we have continued analysing data from the General Social Survey (GSS). The data is available from General Social Survey 1972-2012, with detailed descriptions of each variable in the codebook.

    For this week's homework, make use of GSS's download website to download variables by name. Pick five variables from the survey: YEAR, SEX, REGION, CONINC and a variable of your choice (that is not included in the file we used in class), and download a csv data file together with a codebook.

    1. Read the csv file into R. You will notice that all variables are coded in form of integer variables. Write an R script to get all textual information into the dataset (base this on the codebook). Clean the data at the same time, i.e. assign missing values whenever appropriate.
    2. Find a good graphical representation of all five variables, and write a paragraph to summarize the chart.


      An R markdown file (.Rmd) submitted to Blackboard with all of the R code, all the charts and the additional write-up & interpretation.

Some great answers (coming up)