stat 579

Final Project


For this project you are asked to identify both topic and data by yourself. You are supposed to work in teams of size 2-5. The project has a written component with several stages. A first due date will be next week, the final write-up is due the week before the Thanksgiving break. The oral part of the projects consists of a presentation in class. We will have project presentations during the last week of classes and Finals' week.

The topic should be within the realm of general knowledge and interest. You may revisit one of the topics from class, but take care to try to explore VERY different aspects of the topic and make sure to also get additional/other sources for your data.


There are several parts to this project: In the first, you'll need to identify a suitable topic for your project. In the second step, work out how and which data you will use. These two steps are linked - you might have great ideas for topics, but if you cannot find suitable data, it might not be advisable to proceed. Next, discuss questions you aim to answer, and download/incorporate the data necessary to answer them. In the last part, you'll try and answer your questions using the techniques discussed in class.

Some questions to think about:

Due Dates

Hints for writing a good project and presentation

Grading rubric: written project

Overall grade breakdown:

The grading rubric that I'll use for the written project is available as a pdf.

Grading rubric: oral presentation

More details later.

Some great projects in the past: