stat 579

Introduction to Statistical Computing

Fall 2014

Section A (Statistics Graduates) Thursday 12:10–2:00. Gilman 2272

Section XW tapes based on section A, Fall 2013. Due dates by arrangement

Heike Hofmann,
Office hours by arrangement. Snedecor 2413

TA: Eric Hare
Office hour: W 10-10:50. Snedecor 2418


Course syllabus describing objectives, software used, topics and assessment.

Lectures and timetable

Date Lecture and Resources Homework
R Basics & Setting up the Working Environment
Aug 26/28 First steps in R, good working practices.
Sep 2/4 Numeric and Visual Summaries, Data frames & subsets, logical operators Homework #1, due Sep 9/11/15
Sep 9/11 Subsets, Types and Objects Homework #2, due Sep 23/25/29
Data Manipulation
Sep 16/18 Factors
Sep 23/25 Casting & Plyr Homework #3 for section B due Sep 30,
Homework #3 for sections A and XW, due Oct 2/Oct 6
Sep 30/Oct 2 Functions -->no homework this week, but make sure to practice!
Fall '09 midterm, Fall '10 midterm, Fall '12 midterm
Oct 7/9 Midterm section A (Thursday), Midterm section B (Tuesday) Homework #5, section B due Oct 16
Homework #5 for sections A and XW due Oct 16/20
Oct 14 Functions (section B) Homework #6, due Oct 21
Advanced Topics
Oct 16 (A, XW) Loops and Reshaping (section A & XW)
Oct 23 (A, XW) Maps Homework #7, due Oct 30/Nov 3
Oct 30 (A, XW) Random Numbers, Basic Simulations Homework, due Nov 6/10; Final Project
Nov 6 Regular Expressions & Working with Text Data Homework, due Nov 13, Final Project first stage due
Nov 13 Data from the web Homework , due Nov 21/24
Nov 20 Connecting to Databases, mysql no homework, happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 25/27 Thanksgiving Week
Dec 4 Midterm II
send drafts of projects by email to Heike, Abstract Submission, 2nd midterm exam (2010), 2nd midterm exam (Fall 2012), Midterm II (2013)
Dec 11 Polishing Plots, and Rmd file
Dec 18, 12-2pm Project Presentations Give feedback to the presentations

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