What is the activity around Wayne and Oakland counties?

Something on the internet which might explain the Wayne county - Oakland county development:

There's basically one mayor (Dennis Archer), who is fighting hard to get business back into Detroit. Here's an excerpt:

After his inauguration, city officials started getting 50 to 80 calls a day from businesses inquiring about locating in Detroit; it still gets five to ten such calls daily. Most of the callers ask what kind of land is available in the city; some, particularly retailers, ask about demographics. Sensing opportunity, big discount retailers like Toys "R" Us and Wal-Mart have expressed interest in the city, says Robert Larson.

Gloria Robinson, who became Archer's director of planning and economic development after holding a similar job in Wayne County, which includes Detroit, sees these efforts beginning to pay off. "We used to get businesses in Wayne County that had been driven out of Detroit," she says. "Now we're getting the reverse, businesses that had just been waiting to come back home to the city." Among the major companies that have already returned are Kroger, Honeywell, and Ace Paper Products. "Now that they're welcome here, they see economic advantages to coming," Robinson says.

They also mention Thyssen Steel and F.X. Coughlin moving back to the county.